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Thank you for your interest in serving with the Springfield Promise Neighborhood!

PromiseCorps members work with children and families directly. They can provide educational assistance, tutoring, 20157300_1487673604604854_5871127146206362243_oand many other opportunities for community organizations. We will select 20 members to work in the four neighborhoods and schools serving the most academically and socially challenged students: Kenwood, Fulton, Perrin Woods, and Lincoln. PromiseCorps members are not highly qualified teachers; they are capable and committed adults with at least a high school diploma who show the aptitude and determination to work with low income families and children.

Sixteen members of PromiseCorps will work in four elementary schools in grades K – 3. The members would work directly with a set of students chosen by the staff at each school on literacy remediation and instruction. The service hours are dependent upon the needs of each school, and have some flexibility as such.

Four members of the PromiseCorps team will work with early childhood organizations providing services to families with young children. The goal is kindergarten readiness and helping families sustain attendance and receive the benefit of the many opportunities that Springfield already provides. They will help recruit and enroll pre-school students and their families in a variety of programming offered by partner organizations. The service hours are dependent on the needs of those partner organizations, and have some flexibility as such.

We began our first cohort at the beginning of October 2017, but we’re looking for ten more members to complete our second cohort! Apply below!

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Interested in applying and want to learn more? Our application with more info is below!

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