Community Growth

Springfield Promise Neighborhood Association (SPNA)

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Mead

Springfield Promise Neighborhood Association is a charitable organization coming together through community initiatives such as family engagement events, neighborhood safety and beautification, and resident meetings to create and maintain a healthy and enriching environment, by building and sustaining nurturing neighborhood relationships.

Because it takes a village to raise a child, we as Members of the SPNA, will come together to create a great place to live and work, and raise a family by supporting and helping the parents, residents, and children of the neighborhood to succeed and reach their highest potential.

Springfield Promise Neighborhood Association (SPNA) is a close-working grassroots organizing partner who hosts monthly neighborhood safety and planning meetings to build relationships with police and lower neighborhood crime. Beyond educational support within the school structure, SPN supports the Promise Zone community through resident-led change.

SPNA formed after over 2,000 conversations with residents to establish neighborhood-wide goals and actions around safety, health and nutrition, and housing. SPN assists SPNA in hosting annual events that engage 1,800 residents and children annually.

Monthly Community Meeting
Every 3rd Wednesday at 5:30p

Leadership Team Meeting
Every Friday at 3:30p

Clifton Avenue Church of God
1408 Clifton Ave. Springfield, OH 45505

Please join us for our next meeting – all are welcome!

Have questions, ideas, or want more information?

(937) 504-1986


Executive Officers
John Wheeler – Chair; Pastor David Cotto – Vice Chair; Leanne Wierenga – Secretary;
Gloria Holloway – Treasurer; Cynthia Nowka – Co-Treasurer; Aaron Clark – Communication Coordinator

Community Growth

A healthy community is vital to the success of our students. Together with neighborhood groups like the Springfield Promise Neighborhood Association, we work to help strengthen the communities on the south side of Springfield. Promise engages families, residents and community members in creating  neighborhoods that are good places to live and raise a family. Resident-led Action Teams identify priorities, select issues, and design and implement plans for inspiring youth and success. The Springfield Promise Neighborhood Association along with other neighborhood and community groups, are the driving force behind all of our events and efforts.

Promise Grows

Kids Gardening

The goal of Springfield Promise Grows is to build a local food system that serves the needs of the community and its children. We do this by increasing access to local and naturally grown food, as well as engaging and educating youth and families.

Community Chest

The community chest was created to support students who would like to pursue experiences in the arts, athletics, service, or education. Springfield Promise Neighborhood Association (SPNA) makes every effort to award financial aid scholarships when circumstances require it. The vast majority of resources are dedicated to families with financial need, with a limited allocation based on merit or talent.

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