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Springfield Promise Neighborhood was founded in 2010 around the thought that engaging the community and activating the talents of our neighbors would help us all lift up our children. Our work builds upon the Harlem Children's Zone, the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation, and the Coalition for Community Schools.


Our initiative is just one of many Promise Neighborhoods operating in cities all over the country. Unlike others, Springfield Promise is one of only a few Promise Neighborhood initiatives that began with only local funding.

Our work has a unique asset-based approach:

  • Commit to the public school system and work with the Springfield City School District to serve students in need

  • Partner with community organizations to increase sustainable extended learning opportunities and experiences for youth that serve their academic, social, and enrichment needs

  • Spark resident-led social change, working with neighbors as they build their community into what they want it to be

  • Create a culture of aspiration, in which it is normal to succeed, to be smart, and to be kind

  • Amplify the resources, talents, gifts, and skills of residents and expert organizations to build a shared and unified community

  • Create family engagement opportunities for parents and students to build relationships and skills, especially in areas of safety, housing, health, and youth development

  • Develop and sustain a neighborhood-based community garden for food access and family space

  • Recruit and employ Springfield residents to be leaders & co-dreamers

  • Develop renewable, stable, and enhanced funding streams that support sustainable projects and initiatives, leading to further neighborhood investment

We believe that the long term goal of poverty alleviation depends upon caring for children.
The foundation for social and academic success begins early in a child’s life. If we succeed here, then we all succeed. It is the mark of a caring community to care for its youth. It is the mark of personal faith and honor to care for all community members, especially those who have been affected or harmed by generational poverty, redlining, and institutional bias.
This honest and fruitful effort depends on us all.

Our Goals

Develop extended learning programming that provides academic, cultural, social, and career experiences

Build community partnerships for new opportunities

Increase parent events and activities to support the academic and social success of their children

Build the Visioning Garden to be a community gathering space with a variety of events

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