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Projects and Programs

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Youth Development

Youth in Springfield need safe places to learn and play. From the beginning of Springfield Promise Neighborhood's development, parents have told us that they need more places for their students to go after school and in the summer. We offer many programs throughout the school year and summer.

  • Over 360 youth served in 2022

  • Over 1,000 youth reached overall

  • 70% of students served in academic programming made more than one year's growth in a year

  • 95% of youth surveyed after participating in Promise's programming were able to identify better habits they built, a positive adult who could support them, or an improvement in their friendships

Community Partnerships

Community partnerships are essential in mid-size legacy cities like Springfield. We must all work in collaboration in order for big changes to be made. Springfield Promise Neighborhood was founded as a collaborative dream between multiple institutions, with the common goal of supporting Springfield's most vulnerable children and families.

  • Over 60 partnerships developed with youth and community organizations in Springfield and Clark County

  • Ongoing participation in community-wide planning and development projects


Healthy Families

We know that children need healthy and supportive families to be successful. In partnership with many community organizations, we offer programs, trainings, educational sessions, and more for families throughout the year.

An average of 83% of parents who participated in our programming indicated an increase in positive behaviors, including:

  • My family's physical activity has increased since participating in Family Connect events

  • I feel better equipped to set boundaries and expectations with my child since participating in Family Connect

  • I have a better understanding of continuing education opportunities (such as those at Clark State) since participating in Family Connect

  • I feel better equipped to discuss my child's academic progress with their teacher since participating in Family Connect events

  • Reading time at home has increased with my child since participating in Family Connect events

  • I have a better understanding of the City's priorities for investing in my neighborhood since participating in Family Connect

  • I have a more positive outlook on the future since participating in Family Connect

The Promise Visioning Garden

Eating good food and getting physical exercise are essential. for our health. Communities need local gathering places where parents can meet other parents and children can play together. The Promise Visioning Garden serves as a local food access point, a place of play and fun, and a respite of beauty.

  • Over 2,500 pounds of produce harvested and distributed in 2022

  • Over 130 volunteers provided over 1,000 hours of service in 2022

  • 22 family garden plots are assigned and planted for 2023

Free Produce Delivery Box Program: Coming Soon!
Upcoming Garden Events and Activities: Coming Soon!
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